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Phalanger is an open-source PHP implementation introducing the PHP language into the family of compiled .NET languages. It provides PHP applications an execution environment that is fast and extremely compatible with the vast array of existing PHP code. Phalanger gives web-application developers the ability to benefit from both the ease-of-use and effectiveness of the PHP language and the power and richness of the .NET platform taking profit from the best from both sides.

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Phalanger Features

  • Makes PHP first-class citizen in the .NET languages family
    • Compiles PHP language to the MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language), which is a byte-code assembly used by the .NET CLR
      • Allows using .NET objects from the PHP language thanks to the PHP/CLR Language Extensions
      • Enables using libraries written in PHP from other .NET languages
  • Compiles existing PHP applications to improve execution speed
    • Compiles many existing PHP applications
      • Improves execution speed thanks to the compilation and use of JIT (Just-In-Time) compilation
      • Implements standard PHP library functions and allows calling native PHP4 extensions using unmanaged code
  • Extends PHP with useful PHP/CLR extensions
    • PHP/CLR makes it possible to fully integrate PHP application with the .NET type system
      • It is possible to import namespaces as well as use namespaces in new PHP/CLR projects
      • Allows using .NET generics including writing and extending generic objects in the PHP language
      • Supports .NET custom attributes, partial classes, .NET properties and other important features
  • Creating .NET libraries in the PHP language
    • Compiles PHP scripts directly to the .NET/Mono assemblies
      • Allows writing objects fully compatible with .NET languages (like C#) in the pure mode
      • Allows calling functions written in PHP and working with PHP objects in the legacy mode
  • Using .NET libraries in PHP projects
    • Thanks to Phalanger you can use PHP for developing presentation layer on top of bussines logic written in C#
      • Phalanger makes it possible to use any .NET object in PHP applications
      • You can use ASP.NET 2.0 Membership for integrating user accounts in PHP and ASP.NET application
  • Integrates the PHP language into Microsoft Visual Studio
    • Provides project templates for developing Phalanger applications in Visual Studio
      • Supports syntax highlighting for PHP source files
      • Supports debugging of PHP applications running on Phalanger

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