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Released: Mar 6, 2013
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Release Notes

Release of Phalanger - PHP compiler&runtime for .NET - improves and fixes PHP language compatibility. See http://www.php-compiler.net/blog/2013/phalanger-3-0-updates-for-march-2013 for more details.

Continue at http://phalangermysql.codeplex.com/ for MySQL extension and MySQL PDO driver.

Setup package contains latest version of Phalanger Tools for Visual Studio.

new features

  • PHP 5.4 function call array dereference (experimental)
  • PHP 5.4 Binary number format
  • PHP 5.5 boolval() implemented
  • added more extensions
  • SplFileObject stub
  • ArrayObject stub
  • "Etc/GMT-0", "Etc/UTC" timezones added
  • API for session_name($newname)
  • catch() passes ScriptDiedException thru (exception thrown by die; or exit; cannot be catch by PHP code now)
  • ReflectionClass::implementsInterface()
  • PDO::MYSQL_ constants
  • readdir, closedir, rewinddir with parameterless overloads
  • ReflectionClass::getConstants() available


  • using of reserved PHP keywords as qualified names (abstract, resource, array)
  • PHPDocBlock allows @var to have variable name and variable type in different orders
  • SimpleXmlElement - conversion of single attribute to bool and array fix
  • SimpleXMLElement Create from attribute fix
  • SimpleXMLElement.ToString returns content of the element
  • unserialize() with an empty string returns FALSE without warning
  • sessionregenerateid(true) does not clear $_SESSION variable
  • "files" session handler fix for data > 8kB
  • session id of empty session is not lost
  • Zip: reading file content fix
  • glob() returns paths with \ slashes on Windows
  • PDOStatement prepare parameters - fix when duplicit parameters specified
  • Type compilation fix; class implementing interface and extending another class that implements the same interface but not implements its methods fix
  • fast&proper is_numeric(); not causing PHP exceptions; not reporting bool/null/.. as numbers; not causing conversion of an object to a number
  • PDO overloads fix, converting DB values to PHP types
  • PDO closes pending reader before commit properly
  • PDO closes pending reader when starting new transaction
  • handling NULL in some library functions properly
  • PDO fixes; overloads fixes; FETCH_COLUMN support
  • Finilizing objects fix
  • fopen "a" mode causes a missing file to be created
  • PDOStatement::execute() overload fix
  • SQLitePDODriver.Quote() properly encloses value in single quotes
  • PDO::construct overload fix
  • PDOException constructor implemented to work with Phalanger
  • ExtManager compilable; readded missing method to Core


  • SimpleXmlElement.ToBoolean(), avoids Create(), avoids creating dummy enumerator
  • <Mediator> helper methods removed
  • methods on $this called directly if possible (method mus be: final, private, final class or no parameters)
  • Class constants compiled as CLR constant (Literal) if possible (not static readonly field)
  • singleton EmptyEnumerator when PhpHashtable is empty
  • PDO DB connection management uses PhpResource internally

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