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December 2010
November 2010
  • Native PHP extensions was optimized and calling is much faster now.
  • Phalanger can run fully in 64bit environment and call native 32bit PHP extensions through remoting channel.
  • Several .NET 4 issues are fixed now or documented at least.
  • Removed many compatibility issues with PHP strings; this also improved performance of the whole runtime and native extension support.

August 2010
New release was published. Several performance improvements, bug fixes and new functionalities was implemented. See 2.0 (August 2010) for more details.
Future releases will probably support .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010 for the development.

June 2010
New version of Phalanger 2.0 was released. Installer of the latest binaries of Phalanger 2.0 (June 2010) and its integration into Visual Studio 2008 SP1 is available for download. The release contains many improvements and also bug fixes, to provide you better and more stable runtime. Download here 2.0 (June 2010).
  • Improved compatibility with PHP 5.3. Added functions available within newer versions of PHP.
  • More optimized code, faster runtime and better memory usage.
  • Supports IIS7 and Integrated Pipeline.
  • Many bug fixes!
  • Visual Studio 2008 SP1 integration, allows you to simply create & build & debug Phalanger projects.
  • Note: Phalanger (June 2010) VS2008 SP1.msi requires Phalanger (June 2010).msi to be installed properly.

The big improvement is the support of Integrated Pipeline, used by default on IIS 7 and newer. We've also fixed many compatibility issues to allow users to run latest WordPress ( and other PHP frequently used projects on Phalanger without a need of any source code modification! Many PHP functions were reimplemented to improve compatibility and performance. Phalanger still needs some enhancements that we are planning to do in the future (e.g. full support of PHP5 extensions and new language constructs of PHP 5.3).

We are proud that our project improves production use of PHP technology in many various ways. Phalanger runs on 64-bit Windows systems with limitations of native PHP extension support only. The system is able to compile the whole website which then runs on .NET runtime. This results in fast script execution crossing memory limitations of x86 architecture using all the features of modern computers. Phalanger is currently the only technology which seamlessly integrates PHP and .NET in both directions and allows usage of PHP scripts from .NET application in type safe manner.

March 2010
Finally we have released new version of Phalanger 2.0, the PHP Language Compiler for the .NET Framework. This release contains many bug fixes and new features and it improves compatibility with latest PHP runtime reflecting PHP 5 changes.
  • Latest release contains binaries of Phalanger 2.0 (March 2010).
    • Easy installer with automatic IIS integration.
    • Improved compatibility with PHP 5.3.1. Added functions available within newer versions of PHP.
    • Enhanced ducktyping - bidirectional interoperability with .NET in strongly typed way based on documentary comments.
    • Many bug fixes.

The release also contains installer of Visual Studio 2008 Phalanger Integration. This can be installed even into the free Visual Studio 2008 "Shell" Integrated.
  • The Visual Studio 2008 SP1 integration offers experimental IntelliSense capability for the Phalanger source code.

December 2009
Thanks to DEVSENSE ( and Jadu ( companies our team are again actively working on Phalanger. The new release is coming soon (actual state is available in Source Code section It will include improved compatibility with PHP 5.3.1 and lot of issues and bugs that were solved. Also we are proud of the enhanced ducktyping that enables interoperability from PHP into .NET; hence it is possible to use PHP classes in .NET in strongly typed way without minimal effort. The new Visual Studio integration includes IntelliSense capabilites of PHP code, including dynamic features. As well PHP code can be ported to Silverlight 2.0.

January 2009
Since majority of the team are students of Charles University, Prague, it is important to note that we will not be so actively working on Phalanger, since we will be having exam time until half of February. Anyway, the release marked as December 2008 will not be a default release, since we have had difficulties with the Silverlight 2.0 installer. More likely, we will include Silverlight support in the next major release, which was mentioned previously along with other changes.

December 2008
The development of Phalanger is getting to be more active. We have been funded by Jadu, UK Content Management vendor, one of the first major companies wishing to use Phalanger in real-world environment, to provide better duck typing functionality and debug some major bugs. Along with that we have new team members - Miloslav Beno and Jakub Misek. There is also ongoing project at Charles University which is aimed to provide Phalanger with better Visual Studio support, Intellisense and LINQ (which is in fact currently partially implemented but need huge improvements). We are planning major release in Q1/2009 along with minor patch after Christmas. We will inform in more detail later.

March 2008
We released the Beta 3 version of Phalanger, the PHP Language Compiler for the .NET Framework. Latest release contains many bug fixes, improved compatibility with existing PHP applications and Visual Studio Integration Package (not compatible with Express editions). This release also contains updated sample (Personal Web Site Starter kit) that demonstrates writing PHP applications using ASP.NET 2.0 framework.
  • Phalanger can now be installed into Visual Studio 2008 (including the free "Shell" edition!). Read more at php-compiler web...
  • We've released a new version of Phalanger which includes following new features:
    • Silverlight 1.1 (alpha) support including project templates for Visual Studio
    • Visual Studio 2008 support including new Windows Forms designer
    • More information about this release is available at php-compiler web...
  • We launched new web page. If you're looking for more information about Phalanger, you should check it out!

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